The Journey Club


Photos by Dustin Hoffert / DCPiX Photography

The dream condo living development is now a reality as the much-anticipated Westman Village opens its doors. Read more


What seemed like a long interminable winter in Calgary is over and spring is in the bud, finally. But even through the dreary months of colder than usual weather, lake life had never really stopped in Mahogany. Read more

New Communities

Jayman BUILT celebrates an epic milestone in the unfolding story of its ambitious Westman Village development, as the award-winning builder and developer rolled out the red carpet to its incredible Village Centre recreation facility. Read more


Age may be just a number, but aging is something else entirely. Getting old does have its challenges, and, despite the saying, not everything gets better with age. Read more


“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” as the old saying goes. But as far as retirement living in Calgary goes, that destination is The Journey Club — Jayman BUILT's revolutionary new seniors facility in Mahogany's Westman Village. Read more


Jay Westman's deep involvement in every aspect of the multi-generational development Westman Village in the award-winning community of Mahogany reeks the passion that has become his trademark. Read more


Jayman BUILT, the renowned legacy home builder, is bringing all their insight and expertise in creating lifestyle-centric living in their most ambitious project yet — Westman Village in Mahogany. Read more


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