Sandgate in Mahogany

In its more than 20-year history, Hopewell Residential hasn’t been only building communities, but defining them. more


Hopewell Residential has been the premiere home builder and land developer in the southeast with such hit communities as Mahogany and Copperfield. more

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Condominiums located near a thriving commercial centre have become a trend in Calgary’s suburbs recently, as many find the appeal in living in the middle of a bustling, amenity-rich district. Sandgate in Mahogany offers all that and more. more


Located in a prime location within Mahogany, Calgary’s best-selling new community, Sandgate’s Building One has only two homes remaining, Building Two is over 70 per cent sold out and Building Three of its four-building development, has just launched. more

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Jelena learns the fastest way to gain appreciation for dear old mom and dad and the comforts of home is to move away. more


While each development is unique in its design, Hopewell Residential’s Chalet No. 6 townhomes in Copperfield and Sandgate in Mahogany condos bring affordable style to life in southeast Calgary. more


Hopewell Residential’s newest condo development, Sandgate, officially began construction, even as over 55 per cent of the 66 suites in the first four-storey building have already been sold. more

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