Photo Courtesy of Springbank Pet Resort

Now most of us have trustworthy relatives, friends or even neighbours that are willing to look after our creatures while we are out of town. But where or who can you turn to when you don’t have helpers in your life? Read more


Spoil your canine pals with trendy toys and accessories they’ll love just as much as you do. Read more



Illustration by Ainsley Ashby-Snyder

A lot of condo dwellers have cats. They’re relatively low maintenance compared to, say, a dog. Definitely better company than fish, and, some would say, most people. Meet Max, the condo cat. Read more


Maria, I’m thinking of buying a condo, I do have a pet Maltese Shih Tzu that I cannot bear to live without. Any advice in condo ownership for dog owners? Read more



Photo by Pepper Rodriguez

You looked long and hard for the perfect place to call home; the right location, community and layout were all factors in your decision-making. Is something still missing? Could it be a lovable, furry, four-legged friend perhaps? Read more



Photo courtesy Angela Valiant

A condo may call itself “pet-friendly” but not all the neighbours you share the condo with might be. Read more


Our pets are family, there's no question about that. And we love to spoil them rotten! So here are some great ways to make the smalles member of your family feel right at home. Read more


Choosing the condo lifestyle with a pet in the inner-city doesn’t mean you have to compromise on time well-spent outdoors. In fact, since one of the biggest perks of urban life is walkability. Read more


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