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Farmhouse has been on-trend and ongoing for years now. It is a style that elicits great enthusiasm from many, no matter the era. Read more

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Photo Courtesy of Metro Element

Reused, recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, upcycled — have all become very popular terms in the world of furniture. Read more

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The prospect of leaving the homestead on a cold day is as dreary as the grimmest day of winter. Keep warm in the comfort of your home by taking up some indoor hobbies. Read more

Design & Décor

This month, good ol’ country music and western wear will soon fill the streets as our city gears up for the greatest outdoor show on earth, the Calgary Stampede! Read more

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Photo courtesy Valerianne of Calgary

It’s now February and at least thirty days since you made your New Year’s resolution. How did you do? There is no other conducive way in achieving these goals other than to decompress at the end of a busy day to a cozy master retreat. Read more

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Roses, chocolates, jewelry are maybe the traditional way to express romantic thoughts on Valentine’s Day, but how about some art? Read more



Photo courtesy Metro Element

Gone are the days of the matching coffee and two end tables. Let’s face it; we live in a world where our senses are always craving for more. So why not wake up those senses by creating a space that makes a room feel alive and inviting? Read more

Design & Décor

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