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Time to jazz up your outdoor spaces, adorn your patios, and sit back in a comfy lounge chair with your favourite bevvy or book. Read more



Photo courtesy Maria Tomas

Outdoor lounging, barbecuing and entertaining are all hallmarks of a spectacular summer season. In this feature, we provide you with the “ingredients” and the “recipe” to planning your own outdoor party. Read more

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Let’s face it: getting organized is neither easy nor fun. Still, it’s a necessary evil if there ever was one.The key to doing it well is to make sure the items that help you bring order to your life are at once functional, durable and attractive. Read more

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Photo courtesy Maria Tomas indoor and outdoor living

To say outdoor entertaining is a daunting prospect in Calgary is an understatement, having seen snow in every month of the year, not to mention the wind, rain, hail and the occasional plague of mosquitoes. But that doesn't make it impossible! Read more

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Photo courtesy Lee Industries

I hate to say it but the “green scene” is fraught with myths, inaccuracies and outright lies. But there are true eco-friendly champions – lower-profile brands created and run by people whose environmental consciousness is legitimate and earnest. Read more

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