Long gone are the days when the average preteen or teen birthday party is held at home. Pin the tail on the donkey is no longer enough entertainment to keep your little ones busy for hours. And Calgary’s businesses have plenty more to offer. Read more



Photo by Bill Marsh, Calgary Stampede

Dust off your boots and tighten up your bolo tie. It's that time again, and you can't call yourself a true Calgarian if you've never been to the Calgary Stampede, which takes place July 7 to 16 this year. Read more


Cochrane’s summer camp programs are unique due to their proximity to nature and this year, Cochrane youth from the ages of four to 13 have plenty of options. Read more


Watching kids opening gifts on Christmas morning is one of the oldest traditions, and one that hasn’t lost its appeal even in these days of instant gratification. Read more


Start the new school year off right with these accessories that will match your kids style, and establish their cool factor. Read more


There is certainly a special bond between kids and their stuffed toys. And there is certainly a wide range of materials and designs that will tug at the heartstrings and fire a kid’s imagination. Read more


When most of us were kids we were lucky to even get our own room, never mind decorating it to fit our tastes.Thankfully, things have changed — a lot. So much so that kids today probably won’t think it’s punishment to be sent up their rooms. Read more

Design & Décor


Photo courtesy Calgary Stampede

Pancake breakfasts on every downtown corner. Fireworks every night. Cowboy hats, parties, horses and a big parade, too. There’s nothing in the world quite like the Calgary Stampede, which takes place July 8 to 17 this year. Read more


Nightlights have come a long way. Now it's possible to find one that matches you child's personality and, better yet, their room! Read more


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