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David Crosson

David Crosson is a freelance design writer and principal of the David Crosson Design Collective. He is a frequent media commentator on matters of life and style as well as a regular guest on CTV Morning Live. For more of his design ideas, visit


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If you have a small balcony try to view it as a gift rather than a drawback. True, you won’t be able to entertain hordes of people on it but there’s a lot to be said for intimate conversations on sunny afternoons or inky, star-filled evenings. Read more

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Small-footprint dwelling is on the rise and being embraced with gusto in housing markets. Here are few simple pointers you will find yourself living large even in the tiniest of spaces. Read more


Calgary is now a 4A climate zone, which offers more options than ever before so people don’t have to rely just on the tried-and-true such as potentilla, dogwood and spirea. Read more

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Photo courtesy Crate & Barrel

Greet spring’s arrival; clean the house. Here are few things that help make bearing down on spring cleaning just a little more, well, bearable. Read more

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Photo courtesy Cambria Quartz via Floform

When you look at the individual pieces of a mosaic they don’t actually make much sense on their own. Step back, however, and you see the bigger picture. Read more

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Photo courtesy Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics

I have to admit when it comes to painted feature walls I firmly align with the late, great Ray Staples, who said “If a colour’s good enough for one wall then it’s good enough for all the others.” Read more

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According to 2008 StatsCan data — the last time they did a study on the matter — approximately 3.6-million Canadians work from home. Read more

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Photo courtesy Restoration Hardware

Despite our best intentions to keep things relaxed, the holidays do tend to be a time of added stress. Telling yourself to relax — or, worse, having other people tell you to relax — really doesn’t help much, if at all. What you need is a plan. Read more

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Photo courtesy Floform on behalf of Cambria Quartz

Selecting kitchen counters is a lot like buying a car: although there are many options out there, not every one is right for everyone. And with your surfaces often being the second most costly element next to cabinets, getting it right is critical! Read more

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Photo courtesy Progress Lighting

There are some inherent challenges to open-concept living, particularly when it comes to lighting. But David Crosson has some tips to help blend your lighting options seamlessly into the surrounding décor, or pick that one stand-out lighting piece. Read more

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Photo courtesy Restoration Hardware

I don’t really enjoy doing any kind of work unless the environment is exactly right. Making a workplace workable is not as difficult as it sounds. This is especially true when it comes to creating productive spaces for the junior set. Read more

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Photo courtesy BDI Furniture

In praising a structure or space it’s often said that it has “good bones”. Rarely do you hear people speak favourably about the “veins” of a space—namely the endless tangle of wires that keep everything running smoothly. Enter, wireless technology. Read more

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Photo courtesy Brentwood Classics

Buying Canadian has always been a go-to position for me wherever possible; after all, we are trading in our own currency and supporting the economy on both a local and national level. And we produce some cool items that deserve to be celebrated more. Read more

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Let’s face it: getting organized is neither easy nor fun. Still, it’s a necessary evil if there ever was one.The key to doing it well is to make sure the items that help you bring order to your life are at once functional, durable and attractive. Read more

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Photo courtesy Maria Tomas indoor and outdoor living

To say outdoor entertaining is a daunting prospect in Calgary is an understatement, having seen snow in every month of the year, not to mention the wind, rain, hail and the occasional plague of mosquitoes. But that doesn't make it impossible! Read more

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Photo courtesy Lee Industries

I hate to say it but the “green scene” is fraught with myths, inaccuracies and outright lies. But there are true eco-friendly champions – lower-profile brands created and run by people whose environmental consciousness is legitimate and earnest. Read more

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Photo courtesy The Royal Flush Bath and Kitchen Boutique

As the expression goes, good things come in small packages. Or they can, if you play your cards right. Although small spaces can prove a challenge for homeowners, they are never without options. Read more

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Photo courtesy Redford House

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Photo courtesy Bo Concept

Whether you prefer to scroll through a Kindle edition or turn a physical page, having a dedicated spot to read is the ultimate indulgence for a bookworm. I have my own spot that instantly becomes my “happy place” every time I settle in. Read more

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