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Condo Living - April 2019

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What if a new arena, expanded BMO Centre and expanded/renovated Arts Commons don’t attract billions of dollars in private sector projects (fancy new hotels, dozens of funky condos and a street full of bars and restaurants)? Read more



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The warmer weather brings with it melting, lots and lots of melting — which doesn’t always mean clean streets and cars, but it is a step in the right direction after suffering the deep freeze. Read more


Since November 2017 when the initial tiny home village was pitched to the Town of Okotoks a lot has changed. Read more


It is a two-year wait — at the very least — before you get to move in and enjoy the life that attracted you there in the first place. But with Battistella Development you can be confident that this faith will be rewarded. Read more


The biggest thing that impacts a real estate market is the economy. And there’s no doubt that the Calgary economy in recent years has pulled the real estate market down with it. Read more


Mother Nature threw another cold, long Alberta winter at us, but it’s about time to switch gears. Read more


Battistella Development is embarking on its newest high-rise tower, Nude in the West Beltline, its 13th multi-family development since 1992 when it launched Connaught Gardens. Read more


It was a big night for Calgary home builders as CustomerInsight handed out the 2019 Home Owner Mark of Excellence Awards. Read more

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Desr Maria; How important is it for an elected Officer or Director to maintain confidentiality of Board decisions? Read more



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Sometimes less is more — way more. For Sarah downsizing meant gaining an entire village — a village with a gym, swimming pool, restaurants, coffee bar and a beach lifestyle. Read more


It takes tons of creativity and imagination to come up with a distinctive look for a show suite that would grab the attention of possible homebuyers; it takes a lot more to accomplish this goal within the confines of a limited space. Read more

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Graywood Developments had no doubt that their first venture in Calgary would be a success and Fish Creek Exchange has not disappointed. Read more


Skylar Homes to bring 58 new townhome residences to Chestermere. Read more

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Patio season is finally just around the corner. Now is the time to begin creating an oasis that will provide you with those precious hours of outdoor enjoyment. Read more


Unlike the one that Neo wanted to escape from, this Matrix is one where everyone will want to live in. And more admirably, can afford to own in. Read more


There’s no question that Quarry Park has turned out to be one of Calgary’s best master-built communities where people can live, work and play. The community offers homebuyers a wide range of new home options, including luxury apartment-style condos, Read more


Through the long, hot summers to the cool, crisp winters, life in Mahogany remains as enjoyable as a day on the beach with the four-season fun that Calgary’s largest lake community offers. Read more

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