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O’Christmas tree, O’Christmas tree, how lovely thy LED lights shine. O’yes, it’s that time of year to embellish thy Christmas tree with everything thy loves! more



Photo Courtesy of Trail Appliances

The future has arrived — at least at the Calgary Fall Home Show it did. On the hunt for kitchen trends and touring through the TELUS Future Home at the annual trade show, the days of The Jetsons may be near and real. more

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Photo Courtesy of Superior Wall Beds

As formal living and dining rooms became less needed or seldom used in many households, there came a need for common areas that are more private in nature. more

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Summer holidays are over and while parents are jumping for joy — looking forward to the much-craved-for peace and me-time, some kids are struggling just to get back in to the routine of going to bed and waking up early as the new school year begins! more

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It’s about the journey, not the destination. At home, your hallways often encapsulate this expression. more

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This month, good ol’ country music and western wear will soon fill the streets as our city gears up for the greatest outdoor show on earth, the Calgary Stampede! more

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Photo courtesy Maria Tomas

Outdoor lounging, barbecuing and entertaining are all hallmarks of a spectacular summer season. In this feature, we provide you with the “ingredients” and the “recipe” to planning your own outdoor party. more

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Photo courtesy of Blue Aspen Contracting

Warmer climes are a signal to create your own little Garden of Eden, a place to offer sanctuary, sustenance, entertainment, or quite simply, a space to take in every ray of sunshine. more

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Photo by Rob Moroto at Calgary Photos | Courtesy Empire Kitchen and Bath

Occupying so little space yet having some of the biggest aesthetic impact in the home; with a bit of thought, inspiration and attention to detail, this space that your guests tend to see the most has plenty of potential to wow. more

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Spring is in the air and as the sunshine beams through our winter-grimed windows, it is a reminder that now is a good time to tidy up, throw out the unneeded to make room for the new and welcome growth. more

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Photo courtesy Valerianne of Calgary

It’s now February and at least thirty days since you made your New Year’s resolution. How did you do? There is no other conducive way in achieving these goals other than to decompress at the end of a busy day to a cozy master retreat. more

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Photo courtesy Blinds Express

Choosing the right window treatment can transform a room and turn any window in to a stunning focal point. With so many products to select from, choosing the right fit can be an overwhelming endeavor. more

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Capturing this sense of Holiday cheer involves some creativity. You don’t have to be limited to the obvious Christmas items sold in your big box stores. You can come up with your own DIY Holiday décor. more

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Photo courtesy of Cartwright Lighting

As the days get shorter, darker and colder, it can really mess with our moods — which is why lighting is so crucial at this time of year. Well-balanced lighting can be achieved by layering ambient, task and accent lighting together. more

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Photo courtesy Rational Kitchens

Whether you're building new or renovating, when designing a kitchen, there are three things to consider in selecting the right cabinets for you — function, style and incorporating innovative accessories to keep you organized and clutter-free. more

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Photo courtesy Metro Element

Gone are the days of the matching coffee and two end tables. Let’s face it; we live in a world where our senses are always craving for more. So why not wake up those senses by creating a space that makes a room feel alive and inviting? more

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