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After a long day, whether your to-do list is complete or not, there is no sensation that is more ultimate and alluring than the comfort of your bedroom for some well-earned down time and a good night's sleep. Read more

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Photo courtesy Valerianne of Calgary

It’s now February and at least thirty days since you made your New Year’s resolution. How did you do? There is no other conducive way in achieving these goals other than to decompress at the end of a busy day to a cozy master retreat. Read more

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It’s a fact that people spend one-third of their lives sleeping, so it’s no surprise that the bed has always had a critical function in the home, but it’s aesthetic value cannot be overlooked. Read more

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When most of us were kids we were lucky to even get our own room, never mind decorating it to fit our tastes.Thankfully, things have changed — a lot. So much so that kids today probably won’t think it’s punishment to be sent up their rooms. Read more

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There has been much ado about the thread count of your bed linens… and bigger seemingly is better. Thread counts in the thousands have taken the bedding world by storm, but that is only one factor to consider to get that perfect night’s sleep today. Read more

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Whether you prefer to scroll through a Kindle edition or turn a physical page, having a dedicated spot to read is the ultimate indulgence for a bookworm. I have my own spot that instantly becomes my “happy place” every time I settle in. Read more

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