Bed Bath and Beyond

Now is the time to start preparing for coming winter Read more


The prospect of leaving the homestead on a cold day is as dreary as the grimmest day of winter. Keep warm in the comfort of your home by taking up some indoor hobbies. Read more

Design & Décor

Ever since the cuckoo clock, wall clocks have been a popular decorative addition to any room, that’s at once functional, stylish and, yes, fun. Let these styles set the tone of any room. Read more


No matter your culinary talent, your ability to cook will no doubt be elevated by these handy kitchen tools. Read more


Floor lamps add light to any room, creating a modern look, or perhaps something a little decorative or dramatic. Read more


There was a time when a colourful bath mat was the extent of décor that goes in the bathroom. Well, those days are long past, with more stylish and functional décor to raise the profile of bathrooms from beyond just utilitarian. Read more


Smart watches and smart phones may be handy devices to tell the time, but they can’t beat wall clocks when it comes to affecting the look of a room. Read more


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