When decorating your home, a little goes a long way especially for your bathrooms or powder rooms. Read more



Photo by Christina Loc

Regardless of whether you are in a new home, with all the latest bells and whistles, or in an outdated space due for a reno, there are some really simple visual ways to transform your powder from “meh” to ‘WOW’. Read more


Forget about basic white square sinks and look at these items that can increase the style of your bathroom without requiring a full remodel or even a fancy granite counter to sit on. Read more



Photo by Rob Moroto at Calgary Photos | Courtesy Empire Kitchen and Bath

Occupying so little space yet having some of the biggest aesthetic impact in the home; with a bit of thought, inspiration and attention to detail, this space that your guests tend to see the most has plenty of potential to wow. Read more

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Photo courtesy Canyon Plumbing

2017 could be described as the year of conservation. With the implementation of the carbon tax and the renewed emphasis on saving our environment and spending wisely, it’s the perfect time to ensure you’re not flushing your money down the toilet. Read more

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There was a time when a colourful bath mat was the extent of décor that goes in the bathroom. Well, those days are long past, with more stylish and functional décor to raise the profile of bathrooms from beyond just utilitarian. Read more



Photo courtesy Cambria Quartz via Floform

When you look at the individual pieces of a mosaic they don’t actually make much sense on their own. Step back, however, and you see the bigger picture. Read more

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Photo courtesy Canyon Plumbing

Bathrooms are making a big splash in new homes today. In fact, most people dwell on the plans for the master ensuite more than any other room in the home, other than the kitchen. And no wonder. Today’s bathrooms are much more than a bathroom — they’ Read more

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Photo courtesy The Royal Flush Bath and Kitchen Boutique

As the expression goes, good things come in small packages. Or they can, if you play your cards right. Although small spaces can prove a challenge for homeowners, they are never without options. Read more

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