Meet the Home Living Team

It takes hundreds of hours to put together the expertly developed, edited, managed magazines and the website you are visiting today. We are proud of our work and very proud to introduce you to a few of the people that make it happen. Thank you for taking the time to visit Calgary Home Living.

Account Executive/Features Writer

The newest member of our team, Brandi is just out of the University of Calgary with a degree in Communications.  Another one of our account executives, she is eager to learn the biz and hit the ground running.  Brandi enjoys being outdoors, preferably on a lake or up a mountain but will take any adventure that comes her way.

KM_C368-20170913093949DAVE MACAULAY
Graphic Designer

Dave is our resident free spirit and graphic designer.  He enjoys rock climbing, going to concerts (averaging 1 or 2 a month!) and his pet snakes.  Yikes! With some custom art that he adorns on his skin, and a few extra piercings, he works hard to make our content look great, because really, he would know!

Account Executive

Jennifer combines her extensive sales experience and professional client service with her degree in sociology and background in commerce as one of our account executives. Originally from the East Coast and an entrepreneur at heart, she sold her boutique business and headed west. Wife and mom of two amazing kids and very proud to call Calgary home. When she’s not chasing around her lovable pug, she’s planning cross-country trips to visit friends and her crazy Italian cousins!


Pepper started out as a freelance writer for Source Media Group and became our full-time editor for Condo Living and New Home Living in 2009. Pepper’s friendly, outgoing personality and positive approach to life are evident in his work and make him a popular figure on the Calgary new home scene.  He loves coming to work and providing quality information for new homebuyers, and it allows him to buy more comic books!

Art Director

Jean Faye is her real name, but we all know her as Peachy. She is going on 10+ years here at Source Media Group, and if the last name looks familiar, she is married to Pepper. She started out as a senior graphic designer and is now our art director and heads a team of 3 other talented designers. She says coming to work with her husband is fine, as long as he remembers who’s the boss!

Associate Publisher

Zanger has been with Source for 13+ years and has now moved into the position of Associate Publisher.  He loves reading and music, and his old band buddies would tell you that he is obsessed with Reggae and Bob Marley.  Jim is a born and raised Calgarian and remembers when Glenmore was first paved.  He also enjoys playing hockey and golf, because what Canadian doesn’t enjoy those activities.


Sitting at his desk and keeping our lights on is Richard.  As co-founder of Source Media Group, he wanted to build a company based on trust, hard work, innovation and desire.  As our self-proclaimed Chandler Bing, he says no one really knows what he does, but whatever it is, it works.


Selling ads for a local real estate publication back in 2003, a light bulb went off.  She knew she could sell a better magazine herself, and she continues to do so today.  Source Media Group was born out of her home in Cranston, which we obviously grew out of.  Four moves and many employees later Source Media Group still delivers some of Alberta’s most reader-friendly magazines.